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Trabzon – Turkey

Above all, Trabzon Turkey is located along the Black Sea coast, east of the Turkish capital Ankara, when we compare other Turkish tourist areas such as Izmir and Kusadasi.
We find that Trabzon gives you a unique opportunity to experience a different part of Turkey with its rural traditions, simple life between beautiful nature and unparalleled places of relaxation.
You can reach Trabzon, Turkey, via Trabzon International Airport, which is located 5 miles to the east of the city center (about 10 minutes by car).

¶ The most famous tourist attractions in Trabzon:

اياصوفيا- طرابزون hagia- اsophia-trabzon

 »Hagia Sophia Museum«

It differs a lot from that in the Sultanahmet area in Istanbul, where you can see this museum when traveling to Trabzon, and it was basically a Greek church,
But after that, it turned into a mosque in 1584 AD and was considered an official museum later, as it is considered a major landmark for the city of Trebizond.

قصر أتاتورك - طرابزون

»Ataturk Palace in Trabzon«

It is among the wonderful palaces scattered throughout the Turkish Republic, and it is considered one of the signs of the great kings who ruled Turkey.
In addition, it is considered one of the palaces used in the Ottoman Empire to rule in several periods in ancient times,
When passing this palace, it is considered one of the basics of the city trip.


 » Seragol Lake «

It is one of the most important stations, where we will see a wonderful group of restaurants on both sides of the lake, located just outside the vicinity of Trabzon,
It is a beautiful little lake surrounded by many green high mountains.


»Zagros Valley«

Zagnos Valley Park is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Trabzon, and it is an artificial tourist park in the center of Trabzon.
The most beautiful parks of Trabzon and the most famous of which attract tourists annually, as it appears to the eye as a valley of picturesque views surrounded by the monuments of the city of Trabzon in a charming scene.
The garden contains large green areas, small lakes, and places to sit and relax.

مرتفعات السلطان مراد - طرابزون

»Sultan Murad Heights«

Sultan Murad Heights is one of the most important places located in the west of the city of Trabzon in northern Turkey, as well as its heights, which are about 35 kilometers from the wonderful Uzungol Lake.
It is this region that is very famous for the fact that Sultan Murad VI, when he returned from Iran, performed Friday prayers there with his army, and that is why it was called Yayla “Sultan Murad.”
And the highest mountain slopes are covered, which are covered with wonderful snow, and also the highland area is reached.
This is by watching a lot of domesticated wild animals, such as deer, squirrels, and many wonderful wildlife.

مرتفعات كياباشي - طرابزون

»Kiabashi Heights«

The Kiabashi Heights are located southwest of the city of Trabzon, at an altitude of 1850 meters above sea level and 45 km away from Trabzon.
In addition, its thick forests, wide meadows, cool springs that spring from the tops of the mountains and its cool climate in the summer.

ديمير كابي - طرابزون

»Demir Kapi Heights«

Demirkapi Plateau in the Kashkar Mountains is perhaps the most beautiful place for your visit in Turkey.
We go up the mountain using a winding forest path alongside a fast flowing stream.
In addition, it is considered a summer residence area for the Turks when the coastal areas warm.

مغارة تشال - طرابزون

»Cave of Chal«

The Chal Cave is one of the wonderful places that extend into one of the most important mountains, and it is the second longest cave in the world.
As it is estimated that the length of the paths that are discovered in the cave is about 8 km, and the cave opened its doors to all visitors, both from home and abroad, in 2013.
In addition, the water percentage in the cave decreases greatly during the summer period, by about 25 cm, and in winter the water level is as low as 1.5 meters.
And it allows all visitors to roam and be within the first 1 km from the cave, and it also contains a clean and wonderful airway.

مرتفعات ايدر - طرابزون

»Ayder Heights«

Ayder Highlands is located southeast of the city of Trabzon on the slopes and foothills of the Kashkar Mountains. This highland is characterized by dense forests of beech trees and the many waterfalls that penetrate its mountains.

مرتفعات حيدر نبي - طرابزون

»Haydar Nabi Heights«

Haydar Nabi Heights is located southwest of the city of Trabzon, 35 km away from it and a height of 1600 m above sea level, in addition to this it is an area characterized by specific beauty in the northern Turkish countryside.
And it is famous in the summer for its cold climate and foggy weather, and at times you can see layers of clouds under the summit of Haider Nabi, so the landscape is very imaginative.

أوزنغول - طرابزون

»Uzungol village«

The village of Uzangol is located southeast of Trabzon, and it is one of the most beautiful Turkish villages, and it is a natural lake in addition to that it is surrounded by green mountains covered with forests and is also famous for its charming waterfalls.


» Seragol Lake «

Lake Seragol: A natural lake with charming beauty, with restaurants and cafes on its shores
It is about 25 km from Trabzon. It is located between mountains covered with evergreen pastures.
In addition, the colors in that area will make you feel comfortable and at ease, which is a beautiful and large lake
It was formed from the winter torrents and its waters were mixed with the greenery of the trees that lined it on each side.


ميدان طرابزون

»Trabzon Square«

It is one of the famous squares also known as Ataturk Square, as it is located in the center of Trabzon
However, it includes a lot of tourist and entertainment facilities, and it has many restaurants, shops and famous hotels,
It contains many wonderful tourist attractions such as the statue of Ataturk, the founder of the Turkish state,
It also has the famous Ozon Sokak Street,
Which contains many Turkish shops and brands such as Colin’s
US Polo ASSN and Mavi Jeans are therefore a shopping center.

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