Rize and Artvin


 Ayder Village

It is characterized by the presence of many tourist hotels overlooking the forests, as well as the magnificent Galin Tolo Falls, beautiful gardens, orchards, and the famous sulfur baths.

** Ayder Village location**

قلعة زيل كالي

 Zilkale Citadel

Among the most important archaeological monuments in the green state of Risa, which is built on a hill that rises 750 meters above sea level in the middle of Wadi Fartina and consists of eight towers.

** Zilkale Citadel Location**

شلال بالوفيت

 Palovit Şelalesi falls

A wonderful waterfall that can be viewed from the top and from the bottom, located in the Rize district, a quarter of an hour away from the Zell Kale castle.

** Palovit Şelalesi falls location**

Rize and Artvin

Rize and Artvin

 Ridos Thermal

A tourist resort overlooking a river in the middle of the forest, featuring hot sulfur water baths, and after the resort there are many places suitable for family trips.

** Ridos Thermal location**

نهر فرتينا

Firtina Deresi

It stretches for 57 km and is characterized by the presence of a number of bridges along its extension, which gives it a more beautiful shape and can choose between a number of water sports to practice such as rowing and sliding on the rope over the river.

**Firtina Deresi location**

بحيرة كاراغول

 Karagöl lake

A huge lake, 230 km from Trabzon, is a beautiful place for camping and sitting on its banks, and there is a place to sleep, and a large number of tourists visit this place annually.

** Karagöl lake location**

شلال تورتوم

 Tortum Şelalesi falls

It is about 90 km from the city of Artvin and the height of the waterfall is 48 m. It is the longest waterfall in Turkey and is considered one of the tallest waterfalls in the world.

** Tortum Şelalesi falls location**

قلعة ريزا

Rise Kalesi castle

Risa Castle consists of two basement buildings that were destroyed by population encroachment, while the inner building is present until now, and it rises 150 meters above sea level.

**Rise Kalesi castle**

وادي شات

Çat Vadisi 

One of the most beautiful places in the region is characterized by dense trees and there are a number of simple houses that provide you with a primitive life where you can experience village life there.

**Çat Vadisi location**


 Ağaran Şelalesi falls

It is located 25 km southeast of the city of Rize, in a forest of various trees, and the waterfall descends from a high place and has a basin in the middle of the rocks dug by the water over time.

**Ağaran Şelalesi falls location**

حديقة الشاي

Çay Ve Bahçe Kültürleri Park

A garden in the middle of the famous tea plantations in Rize that contains good restaurants, seats and children’s games as well.

**Çay Ve Bahçe Kültürleri Park location**


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