Ordu and Samsun

Ordu and Samsun

Ordu and Samsun


 Ordu Teleferik

The Ordu Boztepe Gondola (Turkish: Ordu Boztepe Teleferik Hattı) is an aerial lift line in Ordu serving the nearby hilltop Boztepe. It is owned and operated by Ordu Municipality.

The 2,350 m (7,710 ft) long gondola lift line was constructed by the Italian company Leitner Ropeways of Leitner Group to a cost of ₺11 million (approximately US$6 million), and the line officially opened on June 9, 2012. The base station is situated in the downtown at Black Sea coast. There is a parking lot for 180 cars next to the base station. The mountain station Boztepe is at an altitude of 498 m (1,634 ft). There are seven supporting towers between the terminals. 28 cabins each capable of eight passengers are able to transport hourly 900 people in one direction. The ride takes 6.5 minutes.

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قرية شمباشي

Çambaşı Village

Where the high mountains covered with green plants and there are some very distinct waterfalls and has a very wonderful weather .

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مرتفعات بارشمبا

 Perşembe Yaylası

مThe most beautiful natural places are characterized by green spaces, and in the middle of the mountains is a beautiful small lake and streams, and there are a number of shops and restaurants in the village.

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بحيرة أولو غول

 Ulugöl Tabiat Parkı

It rises approximately 1000 meters above sea level, as it sits on top of one of the hills in the city and is known for the beauty of its green trees.

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قلعة أونيا

 Ünye Kalesi

It is located on a volcanic plateau up to 200 meters above ground level, and it was built 200 years BC on the rock of a volcano that was active in ancient times.

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Tekkeköy Mağaraları

 Tekkeköy Mağaraları

It is located in the Takkoy area, where the primitive man lived, in which the Greek-style huts contain models of tools that were used at that time in addition to statues of ancient soldiers.

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Akyol Lunapark

It is located on Ataturk Street, adjacent to Onder Park, where you can spend quality time with children.

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 Hayvanat Bahçesi

It embraces more than 200 animals from 45 different species, characterized by its huge carvings and mosaic tiles distributed in it and is home to some rare animals and birds.

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Samsun Teleferik

One of the most important landmarks of Samsun, it represents an enjoyable experience as it passes between the forests and picturesque nature and connects you to the hill, which has a view of the sea, and there are several restaurants and cafes in the area.

**Samsun Teleferik location**

Piazza Mall

A large mall that contains all international brands, some restaurants, cafes and restaurants, in addition to the presence of children’s games inside the mall.

**Piazza Mall **

 Kabaceviz Şelalesi

You can do sports in this area, such as cycling and walking, and when you reach the Abdal River at the end of the waterfalls, there is a lake surrounded by restaurants and tents can be set up there.

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