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Trabzon Turkey is located along the coast of the Black Sea, east of the Turkish capital Ankara,
And compared to other Turkish tourist areas such as Izmir and Kusadasi,
The city of Trabzon gave you a unique opportunity to experience a different part of Turkey with its rural traditions,
And the simple life between beautiful nature, and places of relaxation that are incomparable to another place in the world.
You can reach Trabzon, Turkey, via Trabzon International Airport, which is located 5 miles to the east
From the city center of Trabzon (approx 10 minutes drive), and includes transportation options from the airport when you arrive on the ground;
A taxi ride is the most expensive option, on top of renting a car
A stroll along Trabzon city center is a great way to experience the city’s sights.
Which includes Trabzon Museum, Boztepe Park, and Ataturk Museum.
If you do not have much time in Trabzon, Turkey, there are few tour operators in the city
Who offer organized tours within Trabzon Province, | Car with driver in Trabzon | Including visits to Sumela and Uzungol Monastery