start from the front of the hotel for a tour inside the city of Samsun, which starts from visiting the zoo in Samsun city, one of the largest and largest parks in Turkey because of the huge variety of wild predators and rare and migratory birds, and then head to the Samsun Museum One of the most important landmarks of the city because of its invaluable monuments that showcase the history of the region to the museum’s visitors, including the bronze era of pots and ceramics, the Roman period of crowns and jewelry and the subsequent epochs to date and after the completion of the museum will go to t Cup hill Freek Like most Turkish cities characterized by mountainous and coastal terrain that this distinctive experience where we can move from the coast to the highest plateau using one of the chariots to enjoy a distinctive view of the city and then go to the bird paradise awareness is a natural reserve located on the coast of the Black Sea extends for tens of hectares From the swamps that host the birds rare and diverse groups of local and migratory birds you will enjoy watching them